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brew your knowledge well for men with aching minds and guts

Laura Lea
6 September
may you find
the universe provides
precisely what you need
at every moment in time
let the sun
and its power of light
shine in your life
inspire the thoughts in your mind
be at peace
until next time
aesthetics, alchemy, alfred jarry, amethysts, anais nin, anatolian shephards, animal noses, anne sexton, anthropology, antonin artaud, art, asceticism, astrology, astronomy, austin texas, authenticity, autobiographical fiction, avalokiteswara, backpacking, badass sound systems, barton springs, beauty, big bend, black rock city, bookbinding, books, buddhism, bunraku, camping, canyons, carrot cake, cellos, chai tea, clouds, coloring outside the lines, contemplation, cooking, crazy on ordinary days, creation myths, danu, desert sage, deserts, dreams, dzogchen, ecodefense, ecology, edward abbey, eklektikos, enough, environmentalism, ethics, fado, faeries, faery portals, feri, friends, ganesha, gardening, gift economy, good conversations, hafiz, haiku, hanami, hannah arendt, hats, havasupai, hegel, hiking, hugs, huna, i ching, ilfochrome prints, india, installation art, jeff buckley, keeping austin weird, kissing, leave no trace, love, love making, magic, maitreya, manjushri, marx, meditating, men who wear jewelry, monkeywrenching, monsoon season, moonlight, more cowbell, mountains, music, nagarjuna, native american flutes, nature, nick drake, nina simon, npr, oracles, otsukimi, parody, permaculture, philosophy, photography, pinot noir, plants, poetry, quiet, raising hell, reading, red rock, rumi, running water, running with scissors, sadness, sapiosexuality, shallow depth of field, shamanism, shibari, shiraz, shower singing, simone de beauvoir, skirts, soft kisses, spinoza, succulents, sunshine, synchronicity, tai chi, tara, tesla coils, the blues, the examined life, thunderstorms, tibet, tom waits, traveling, trees, ushnishavijaya, vegetarians, wind, wine, women who carry pocketwatches, writing, wyrd sisters, xeriscaping, yes, yoga, yurts